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[Ultrasonic Cutters]



***Ultrasonic cutter is a tool to help you with cutting tough material that require strong force to cut.***

The blade of Ultrasonic cutter is vibrated in ultrasonic frequency by internal ceramics transducer.
High speed vibration, 40,000 cycle per second (40 kHz) assists smooth cutting.

Usage examples (reference) 
-Synthetic resin, Plastic, Epoxy putty, Paper/cardboard, Chemical fiber/cloth, polyester putty, Object made by 3D printer, Silicone etc. 
-Thickness: 3 mm maximum
-Plastic scale models, military models, railway models, mini4WD, figure, dioramas, dollhouse, gourd hole drilling, cartonnage, cardboard craft, deburring in garage kit production, printed circuit board pattern modification, white metal and wood cutting in sailing ship model making.

-Just one click operation.
 (No more holding down the hand piece switch.)
-Normal mode and High mode can be switched by the output mode switch. 
-Normal mode runs for about 10 minutes.
-High mode runs for about only 5 minutes due to rapid temperature rise.
-A temperature sensor is equipped inside of the hand piece.
 (In case the temperature rises, it stops the ultrasonic vibration and oscillation light blinks.)
-Automatic output control by TAF circuit, our unique technology.
 (TAF oscillation circuit enables the most suitable output and vibration for cutting.)
-There are around 30 types of replacement blades.
 (Such as curving blade, flat blade, long blade, filing plate(electrodeposited diamond) etc.)

External dimensions
(Unit: mm)
Main unit (Oscillator): 173 × 89 × 76 (excluding projection portions)
Hand-piece: 32 × 144 (including the blade)
Weight Main unit (Oscillator): Approx. 300 g
Hand-piece: Approx. 70g (including the hand-piece cable)
Hand-piece cable 1.6 m (straight cable)
Rated voltage 12 V DC
Max. output 30W
Max. power consumption Approx. 35 W
AC adapter 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 80 VA OUTPUT: 12 VDC 3.5A
Circuit protection The temperature sensor is equipped inside of hand-piece
Ambient condition Temperature: 5 to 35 deg C, Humidity: 20 to 70%
Accessories Standard blade (HA04): 1pack (40pcs./pack)
Blade anchor (ZH04): 1pce.
Blade anchor screw (HB03): 3pcs.
Hexagon wrench (RR02): 1pce.



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