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Q. What is the difference between ZO-91 and ZO-41?
A. ZO-91 is CE Marked products and it can be repaired by yourselves, however, ZO-41 is for Japan owing to comply with only Japanese standard and there is need to send the product to Japan for repair.

Q. Do you have user instruction manual?
A. Yes. English, French, German and Japanese manual for ZO-91, English and Japanese manual for ZO-41 and USW-335Ti, Japanese manual for ZO-40.

Q. Is ZO-91 suitable for cutting carbon fiber (CFRP) boards used in RC car and Mini4WD parts?
A. Our customers use our ultrasonic cutters for it. There is technique to cut and it is better to use saw blade. Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B0B6zdGekM

Q. What material can be cut?
A. Almost all materials except metal can be cut with our products. For example, Synthetic resin, Plastic, Epoxy putty, Paper/cardboard, Chemical fiber/cloth, polyester putty, Object made by 3D printer, Silicone, acrylic resin, etc. 
-Thickness: About 3 mm maximum

Q. Usage example?
-Plastic scale models, military models, railway models, mini4WD, figure, dioramas, dollhouse, gourd hole drilling, cartonnage, cardboard craft, DIY, printed circuit board pattern modification, deburring, quality control at factory, school etc.

Q. What plug configurations will be available?
A. We have plugs for U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina. However, if we supply it to you, the cost will be changed. 

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